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Bergepanzer III

History:    In January 1944, it was ordered that all Panzer III returned for overhaul be converted to Bergepanzer.  The production plan called for fifteen to be converted in March, thirty in April and thirty in May.  These vehicles were to be used with the Panzerbergeanker (1 achs) (= armoured recovery anchor; 1-axle) (Sd. Ah 40).  This larger anchor was placed at an appropriate location, and the bergepanzer pulled the vehicle to be recovered, via a reduction tackle attached by cable to the anchor.
Specific features:  A large wooden box body was mounted on top of the former fighting compartment.  A derrick crane, like that on the Bergepanther, was provided with mounting locations on the rear engine covers.  The wide Oskett (=East track, for Russia) tracks were generally used.
Combat service:  Issued to the Workshop Company of the Panzer detachments equipped with the Panzer IV or Sturmgeschütz III or IV.  In February 1945, 130 bergepanzer III were listed as available.

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