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Panzer VI - DW I und DW II

History: In 1937, the Waffenamt entrusted Henschel with the development of a heavy breakthrough tank which would be 50 % heavier than the Panzer IV, and which would be protected by 50mm armour.  The DW I was the first prototype resulting from this work.  The running gear featured five road wheels and was sprung by torsion bars.  The hull side armour was made in two pieces and was joined at the rear of the fighting compartment.  The DW II which followed an order in 1938, was basically an improved DW I featuring different tracks and one-piece armour in a single length.  A speed of 35km/hr could be reached.  The engine was a Maybach HL120 coupled to a Maybach Variorex eight-speed gearbox.  The same hull arrangement was retained with the subsequent VK3001(H).

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