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Flakpanzer IV / 3,7cm FlaK "Ostwind"

History: On 18 August 1944, an order for 100 Ostwind (east wind) was placed, after succesful trials had been held in July.  Replacing the Wirbelwind, Ostwind I provided the Panzer troops with the more effective 3,7cm FlaK43.  Both Ostwind and the M÷belwagen were to be replaced by Kugelblitz, but because of delays, only two Kugelblitz were produced, and seven of the chassis were used to produce Ostwind I.
Specific features: A six-sided open-topped turret was mounted, in place of the normal turret, on converted Pzkpfw IV chassis.  The turret could be traversed 360░ to bring fast, effective fire on air or ground targets.
Combat service: Issued to the Flugabwehrzug (AA platoons) of Panzer regiments in Panzer divisions.

Flakpanzer IV / 3,7cm FlaK Ostwind


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