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Sturmgeschütz neuer Art mit 7,5cm PaK L/48 auf Fahrgestell Panzer IV "Jagdpanzer IV"

History: The Jagdpanzer IV was developed as an improved version of the StuG III and eventually, was to take its place.  A soft steel model was represented to Hitler in October 1943, and a final prototype in December 1943.  Vomag produced the Jagdpanzer IV alongside their Panzer IV until May 1944 when the  Panzer was completely replaced by Jagdpanzer production.  Twenty-six chassis were issued as Bergegerät.
Specific features: The Jagdpanzer chassis had the same basic hull suspension and drive train as the Panzer chassis from which it was designed.  However, the front hull had been altered by replacing the vertical front plate with a sharp-nosed front consisting of two plates.  The superstructure was built up from sloping plates.  The gun was mounted in the superstructure fronta accompanied by two machine-gun ports and the driver's periscope.  In May 1944, the armour thickness of the upper hull front and superstructure front was increased to 80mm and the side superstructure armour was increased from 30mm to 40mm.
The 0-Serie had utilized a front superstructure plate with rounded sides, but this was dropped for production and ballistic reasons.
Combat service: The Jadpanzer IV were issued to tank-hunter detachments of Panzer divisions from March 1944.  They first engaged enemy armour in Italy with the Hermann Göring Division, then in Russia with the 4th and 5th Panzer Divisions, and finally in France in June 1944, with the Panzerlehr Division, the 9th Panzer Division and the 12th SS Panzer Division, when 62 tanks awaited the Allied thrust from the beaches of Normandy.

Jagdpanzer IV


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