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Panzer IV / 70(A)

History: The Panzer IV/70(A) was the Alkett version of a tankdestroyer mounting the long-barrelled 75mm PaK42.  It was mounted on the normal chassis of the Panzer IV from the same production line producing normal Panzer IV ausf J at Nibelungenwerke.  The Panzer IV/70(V) and (A) were produced simultaneously from August 1944 to March 1945
Specific features: The panzer IV/70(A) had a chassis unaltered from the Panzer IV series.  The superstructure was of similar design to that on the panzer IV/70(V) and differed only in that the lower superstructure was vertical, extending out over the tracks, and a visor was  provided for the driver.  The gun was mounted in the front of the sloped, upper superstructure, in the same type of mount used for the Panzer IV/70(V).  The Panzer IV/70(A) was nose-heavy and was, therefore, fitted with steel-rimmed wheels on the first four bogie stations.
Combat service: The Panzer IV/70(A) was employed in the same manner as the normal Panzer IV in tank detachments, or as an assault gun in place of the tank-hunter in independent assault gun brigades.  Most of them were issued to or were replacements for units fighting in the East.

Panzer IV / 70(A)


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