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Panzer IV als Tauchpanzer

History:  The Tauchpanzer IV were converted in the same way as for the underwater version of the Panzer III.  Additional sealing was provided for the engine air-intakes, and the exhaust was fitted with non-return valves in place of the normal mufflers.  The cupola, mantlet and MG mountings were all covered with a waterproof fabric.  The driver's visor was made watertight by a special cover with a vision block.  An inflatable rubber tube was also used to seal the turret ring.  The air was drawn from the usual surface float.
Combat service: After the abandonment of "Sea Lion"-the invasion of England-in late 1940, the Tauchpanzer were issued to ordinary Panzer units.  The bulk of them went to the 18th Panzer division, while the remainder were issued to the 6th Panzer regiment of the 3rd Panzer Division.  The 18th Panzer Division crossed the River Bug (Russia) underwater on 22 June 1941.

Panzer IV als Tauchpanzer


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