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Panzer IV ausf F2

History: In November 1941, plans were made to improve the armament of the Panzer IV by installing a long-barrelled 7,5cm KwK.  This change was to ahve taken place with the ausf G.  Because of the superiority of the Russian KV-1 and T-34, an order was issued to mount the 7,5cm KwK40 as quickly as possible.  This resulted in the loss of a month's production in March 1942, and the ausf F series was completed with 7,5cm KwK L/43, and was designated ausf F2.
Specific features: The differences between the ausf F1 and the F2 related to the introduction of the new gun.  Ammunition storage was modified to stow the larger rounds, the amount of ammunition carried was increased and the gunner's and commander's seats were changed to allow more room.  The elevation mechanism was modified and an auxiliary hand traverse was installed for the loader.  Because of the long barrel, a coil-spring counter-balance was installed for the 7,5cm KwK40.
Combat service: While some ausf F2 were issued to several newly formd tank detachments and were given to the motorized infantry divisions, the majority went to front-line units to replace losses.  This provided a Panzer which was superior to the Russian, British and American armour used at the fronts in the summer of 1942.

Panzer IV ausf F2


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