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Panzerbefehlswagen mit 7,5cm KwK L/48 - Panzerbeobachtungswagen IV

History: By 1944, the number of Pz Bef Wg based on the Panzer III was insufficient, and a more suitable command vehicle which would be inspicious alongside the Panzer IV was required.  The aerial for the FuG5 was mounted on the top of the turret roof, and a star antenna for the additional radio was fitted to the right-hand side of the tail plate of the hull.  A TSF 1 periscope was fitted in the turret roof.  The Beobachtungspanzerwagen was a similar vehicle, carrying different radio equipment.  It was introduced shortly after conversion of old Panzer III to Beob Wg had been halted because of unavailability of Panzer III.
Specific features: Additional radio mast on the rear hull plate, and relocation of the aerial to the turret roof.  A rotating mount for the periscope was fitted on the left side of the turret.
Combat service: Pz Bef Wg served with tank detachments equipped with Panzer IV, while the Beob Wg were issued as replacements to the Hummel (bumble-bee) batteries.

Panzerbefehlswagen mit 7,5cm KwK L/48 - Panzerbeobachtungswagen IV

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